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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The way life is...

So life kinda hates me right now. But I think I'm getting over it.
I got the last bit of money from my stepmom yesterday, yay.
Not so yay I had overdraft fees. I only have 14 interacts allowed on my card, each extra costs $0.65. So I had $14 in extra interacts that got overdrafted when I only had $0.23 in my account. Yay me...

Anyway. I finally got all my Res fees paid at least.

I'm writing this on Friday to auto-post on Saturday ('cause I'm not sure I'll feel like posting tomorrow and I'm here now.) so I hope I went grocery shopping, but it is looking less likely...

I hope to go to Mick and Franks today (Saturday), but the bus tickets are $7.50 for three bus rides, so $15 for three somewhere-and-back trips. (Assuming each is more than an hour (bus transfer timeout)) I have enough change ($2.10) from paying the res to go get a slushie. Woo.

I was crying my eyes out yesterday, I missed another French class and I think I'm going to fail that course. Money is tight, I'm hungrier than I can afford to fill most often... I'm still behind on some assignments. Bleh. Good thing I'm going home soon.

Anyway, just thought I'd update on that side of life.

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