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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mindfuck in a movie, basically. I found out about it through Stumble, I got hit to another blog with a list of movies "more mindblowing than Inception" and he was right!
(I've been trying to work my way through the list, but I've skipped Primer as I can't find an in-sync version to watch, Revolver as I didn't feel like it and Memento because I've seen it recently)

I watched eXistenZ last night and when the movie ended I quite literally let out a hearty laugh and a "Woah! Fuck that was awesome!" Those who know me know that my use of expletives, while not rare, is limited. This was a perfect occasion.

Following a game designer and her sexual interest (though the way she was acted it seemed everyone/thing was her sexual interest) the movie takes you in and out and around many levels of a game world. Like Inception, except I actually enjoyed it. Inception I found too straight forward and, eh, kinda hard to suspend my disbelief. eXistenZ had me believing it could really happen, that people could get so engrossed in their video games that they could lose sight of reality -- big time!

I have to say that there are some... odd gadgets, the whole movie seems to be laced with sexuality to the point where even the game controllers (pods) seem like organs meant to be fondled. Plus a gun made out of mutated reptile bones.

Anyway. Good movie, really kept me thinking through it. The layers were engaging, the characters were so-so, but the ideas behind it all? Superb.

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