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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vanilla Sky

I don't want this to become a movie blog... but it kinda is.

However that's what I've been doing, so it's what I'm writing about. (A lot of contractions in that sentence.)

I watched Vanilla Sky Friday night. Another from that list of more mind-blowing than Inception.
And I'd say, eh, not so much. It was a good movie, interesting, confusing as hell at times, but the base concept wasn't any more mind-blowing than Inception really.

Spoilers ahoy:

Guy dies, is frozen cryogenically, is stuck in a lucid dream (though these people don't seem to understand that part of a lucid dream is that you know you are dreaming...) and gets fucked up in his head before choosing to wake up.

Of course, not so straight forward. It isn't until the last scene that any of it really makes sense.

Good movie, I'd give it 4.5/5 It lost half a point for being just a bit too confusing at times. Kinda left me bored because of it.

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