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Friday, May 20, 2011

Banana Nut Cheerios

So as many of you know, I love bananas. They are my favourite fruit. Aside from their unfortunate phallic connotations, they are definitely the best.

So it should come as no surprise that my mum bought me Banana Nut Cheerios the other day(along with some banana ice lollies, yay!) so I'm going to try them.
But what is the point of trying new things if it can't be a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT?

Overall expectations: Low.
I mean, there are so few banana flavoured things, and a lot of them suck. There must be something about bananas that make them difficult to work with or something.

Opening the box, first comes smell test:
They smell like cereal. No distinct banana or sugar smell. Just Cheerios.

Dude, they're Cheerios. However they seem to have a skinnier, less puffy, opener look to them. I may just have not seen Cheerios in a while, but these ones look a little skinny.

Dry taste:
They have a... something to them. Kinda like banana bread? Sweeter than regular Cheerios, and a surprisingly pleasant taste.

Think Cheerios. Exactly.

With Milk:
Unfortunately we are out of milk. That is just depressing.
However, we have 10% cream, and water. So with a splash of each in my bowl, let us proceed:

With Creamy-water:
Good. They have that banana bread taste, in a more pronounced way.

They seem to sog down faster than other cereal, and feel a little slimey, though that might be the cream-water.

They smell like baking banana bread! Except colder? (Does it make sense that I can smell temperatures?)

Overall reaction:
Pleasantly surprised. They taste good, smell good, and are easy to eat. I like them.

For next time:

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