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Friday, July 15, 2011

Still Alive

No, this isn't a post about Portal, though that song is quite catchy.
Just saying that I'm still alive, despite not posting here in over a month.

Haven't really been in the mood, and haven't really been doing anything worth talking about.

I am re-enrolled in classes for next year, yay. That went through at the very last moment of today.
I applied for my Gen-Eds, with Healthy Living as my first choice. Second is Reading for Recreation, third, Science Fiction.
My roommate to be and I are getting psyched. She and I are in the same class, so decided it would be mutually beneficial for us to share a room.
I just hope we don't end up hating each other.

I picked up bead spriting. Which is basically a means to bring my loves of pixel art and melting things with a clothes iron into one craft.

I have been, for a long time now, rather upset by the number of crafts/hobbies I have.
I can't afford all of them (obviously. I have the time but not the money for anything, really), and I can never really excel at any of them.
So I put a lot of effort into thinking about how to narrow my choices. I never really come up with any conclusions.

Paper making has to go. I know, I've talked about it here several times, and I realyl do enjoy it, but look at it this way:
Soon (in the next two years) I will be moving out into the world on my own (or, likely, with roommates) Probably into an apartment or small house. Where will I put a large 3x5' vat of water? Where will I let 11+ sheets of sopping paper dry?
It is a space thing, mostly.

Knitting and crochet are on a back burner. The wool I have now, I am confining myself to.
Spinning is allowed to continue, and I can then knit/crochet with that. It is a good solitary thing, and stick spinning is also good for doing around people. Transportable. A high Pleasure:Cost ratio, too.
Felting sticks with spinning. I like it too much to get rid of entirely, and the materials pack down into tight places when not in use.

Writing/conworlding/languaneering( I like this term. I may have just made it up >.>) stay, because they take up little to no space (except on a disk drive); because I don't think I can ever stop; because they keep my mind sharp and active; because if I abandon all I have created, in a hew weeks I'll want it again and I'll be cursing myself.

Pixeling and, by relation, bead spriting: I want these to become a forefront activity. Pixeling is art, and I like art. Bead sprites allow me to bring that art into something tangible. I like tangible.
Plus, if I get better, I can make 3D objects. (Better than the one 3D I've made so far, at least.)

My problem with video games is that I don't get enough enjoyment/use time out of them compared to cost. I love playing pokemon, but I don't want a DS just to play them. Some PS3 games interest me, but I know that compared to the cost, they aren't worth it.

What I really need from a hobby is something that is fun, I can do by myself for the most part, but engage in a social side of it from time to time as well.
I thought once that DnD or Heroscape would do this for me.
Then I realised that, while I have friends, I don't tend to have friends who want to do the same things I do, or for the same reasons, or at the same times or....

I don't work well in social mediums I guess is what I'm getting at.

Which is my task for this school year, according to my counselor.

Tangent much?
yeah, you should get used to that around here.
Neseta usoma!

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