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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A week of no post. I know, unprofessional of me.

The deckle did not work as it was laid out to, however I think this is a fault of my inferior mold. I was able to pull a couple of test envelopes by covering the deckle in screening, thus making it into a shaped mold, but they are not of the quality I require. More thought must go into this.

I have been watch Star Trek. The Next Generation, not the original or any of the more recent ones.
I prefer Picard to the other captains, plus this one has Data, a much favoured character of mine. Perhaps because of a philosophy class in which (while discussing metaphysics) we watched "The Measure of a Man" an episode from the second season.
I started last Monday, and am now half-way through season three of seven.

I crafted some communicator pins out of sculpey, but I believe they are too brittle for the job I wish them for. I hope them to be costume pieces for a friend of mine. She has a greater interest in Star Trek than I, and I vaguely recall suggesting I make one for her.
I need to find a less brittle substitute, or perhaps bake the sculpey longer, I'm not sure.

The construction is coming along well. By then end of today I anticipate the drying of drywall mud precipitating the beginning of flooring.

I have been pixeling. I think that I have made some progress, and that my time away has allowed me the confidence to see that.

The other day (Thursday) I was waiting for the bus (it is to become a common occurrence as a way to bring me closer to home after work.) on the Queen's campus.
There were graduation ceremonies, I believe, going on.
I thought I saw someone who was once greatly important to me.
However this is unlikely, but it stirred feelings in me that I am evaluating. It is a good notch on a stick of reference.

Anyway, I tire of this entry. Another episode is in order.

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