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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bookmarks - False Memory

Another Dean Koontz book, False Memory is copyright 1999, and published by Bantam (Random House).

False Memory follows Martine (Martie) Rhodes and her husband Dustin (Dusty) as well as some people they know as Martie quickly deteriorates into an extreme case of autophobia. They become suspicious of a person who lends them help as everything wrong in their their memories starts leading back to singular-gender-neutral "them".
"Autophobia is a real personality disorder. The term is used to describe three different conditions: (1) fear of being alone; (2) fear of being egotistical; (3)fear of oneself. The third is the rarest of these conditions."
Mr. Koontz did a fair amount of research for this book into phobic disorders, and the book shows it well. All the panic attacks and other psychological things seem very real and entirely plausible.
Everything that is put forward in the novel seems entirely possible, if not even likely, while reading the book, and the characters seem real (though making some bad decisions).

Definitely recommend this book to everyone. Though be warned, you may well be questioning your own brain and memories after you read it.

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