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Thursday, December 1, 2011

GLaDOS is breaking up with you...

Finally got around to listening to the end song of Portal 2. (Yes, I know, been a while.) And this is what I noticed and posted to YouTube, but I wanted to expand upon:

This feels like a breakup song, where the couple have gotten together and broken up over and over again.
If GLaDOS were on the recieving end of a cheating partner.

How to read this: Simple really. The lyrics are bolded, and below them is my continuation/interpretation. Just read down the lines.

I'm going to use the male pronoun for GLaDOS' theoretical partner (TP), just cause I am using the female one for GLaDOS, and I don't want it to get confusing.

Well here we are again
(Kinda obvious, TP is trying to date her again)
It's always such a pleasure
Remember when you tried
to kill me twice?

(The last two times they broke up, TP was rather nasty, and really hurt her emotionally.)
Oh how we laughed and laughed

(When they got back together, she felt good about it)
Except I wasn't laughing
(But she always had the fear/knowledge it would happen again.)
Under the circumstances
(of TP cheating over and over, as well as being cruel)
I've been shockingly nice
(taking TP back again and again.

You want your freedom?
(TP says she stifles him etc.)
Take it
(She wants TP to have it.)
That's what I'm counting on
(Then TP will leave her alone)
I used to want you dead
(TP hurt her, she wanted him dead.)
Now I only want you gone

(She doesn't give a fuck now, she just doesn't want to be with him, or have him around)

She was a lot like you
(This is where things get complicated. She can either be talking about TP's last fling(probably a former friend of GLaDOS'), OR, if TP isn't male/GLaDOS is bisexual, this could be the girl she was with while TP and GLaDOS were broken up, who turned out to be about the same kind of person.)
(Maybe not quite as heavy)
(This fits well with theory 2, if TP was male (if you want literal interpretations here) or if Caroline was a little less serious/deep thinking ("that's heavy, man"))
Now little Caroline is in here too
(Either way Caroline is now in the same boat as TP, with GLaDOS not wanting to see her again.)
One day they woke me up
(Someone other than Caroline and TP finally confronted GLaDOS about this unhealthy cycle)
So I could live forever
(And through this she realised she was worth more, and could have a life.)
It's such a shame the same
will never happen to you

(Probably sarcastic regret that TP will never change/learn/get the happiness of a permanent relationship)

You've got your
short sad
life left
(Tiny little man. Your life has little value, as you've never really learned to love.)
That's what I'm counting on
(It gives her a bit of pleasure that he will never get that happiness.)
I'll let you get right to it
(Go on, go continue your life)
Now I only want you gone
(She doesn't want TP around.)

Goodbye my only friend
(Sarcasm, or could be said that GLaDOS still considers TP her best friend in some respects, or a part of TP's personality is.)
Oh, did you think I meant you?
(Fitting with that, she says this to the parts of TP's personality that she doesn't consider her friend.)
That would be funny if it weren't so sad
(It is sad that TP was/is her only good friend, considering what an ass he is.)
Well you have been replaced
(GLaDOS has a new partner, perhaps the one who woke her up.)
I don't need anyone now
(But she has learned not to put all of her self worth into a person's opinion, and no longer needs other people to feel good about herself.)
When I delete you maybe
(From her memory/life)
I'll stop feeling so bad
(She'll finally feel free, etc.)

Go make some new disaster
(Every relationship TP touches gets destroyed, so he is guaranteed to get into more trouble.)
That's what I'm counting on
(Because then TP will try to come crawling back to her)
You're someone else's problem
(But then she can kick TP back to the curb, as he's someone else's problem.)
Now I only want you gone
(Not my problem, go away.)
Now I only want you gone
(Go away.)
Now I only want you...
(I want you....

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