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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am the 1%

To clarify, I have been reading random tidbits about the Occupy movement. I do not know all the facts, and to be honest this is only due to lack of interest.
(though if you were to look at the time between the last post and this one might surmise I haven't been interested in much lately. This would be accurate.)

I do however see plenty of signs and notes in the various channels I peruse.

Most go something like "I have this and this and this problem and debt, I am the 99%".
Others go "This and this and this are fortunate in my life, I am the 1%, I support the 99%"

So I thought I would write one. The ending may be spoiled, but I think it may surprise you anyway:

I am in my second year of college.
When I graduate I will be $20,000+ in debt.
My parents are not able to support me as they are as deep or deeper in debt on one side, just above water on the other.
My stepfather regularily disregards several of his medications for diabetes, congenitive heart failure, extreme pain, and other issues because we can't afford them.
I quit my anti-depressants because we cannot afford them.
I worked all summer and saved for years to help pay for my school.
Most of that money has been used to keep my family afloat.
I am unsure of my eventual employment.

I am the 1%
And there are many things behind those statements that could improve or worsen them, make them seem earth shattering or day-making.
At least once a day I wonder if I am going to make it, or if these troubles will consume me.

But then I remember that small fact.
I Am The 1%.
Globally North America is in a much better position than a large portion of the populace.
Canada especially.

In this country, in this economy, with these factors? Yeah, I am the 99%.
But what is the saying? Think Globally, Act Locally?

I am the 1%. I am the 99%.

I support the 99%

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