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Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Post

The first post of a blog always seems so important. It nearly paralyzes me. You need to put down the point of the blog, your intentions and such. I don't have any intentions with this blog... so that removes some pressure. But the point is that I want to have a day-to-day account of my life this year. I find that I forget things so easily. Dates especially. And I want to remember.

Diaries are nice... but I always feel so secretive if I write in a diary. I don't mind people reading about my life because, hell, I figure the majority of people don't care. And I figure if I can't tell people what I'm doing, then I shouldn't be doing it. Unless of course it is a secret party for a birthday friend or something, but then you really only can't tell few people.

Today is the day my roommate comes back to Res. Kaleigh is preeetty awesome, so I'm excited.
Grr. My mum is so hard to contact. She has her phone off. Bleh.
Monday classes start back up again and I've just been tooting around since I got back to Res on Wednesday. KI'm cleaning my room today, along with gathering music and casual browsing on teh interwebs. Boring, but, eh. I need to go to the First Class and get my textbooks, but it's snowing out, and I'm lazy... maybe I'll try talking Janelle into going with me.

That's it for now, but I'll probably have more later.

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